Over the years I have filled up a You Tube channel of Videos or as I like to call them... "An NDENSUM Shorty".  Overall they are geared around humor and cooking.  I've ended up with several videos series that I'm proud to say have made it out the "thought" process and have become in video for the world to see.  Below are some series with descriptions and play lists for each.  Hope you enjoy!

This is the first collections of shorts I made with my iPad.  The purpose was to see how creative I can be in making a short from brainstorming to shooting in under an hour. It was to challenge myself to just shoot and get things done rather than over think things.

Episode 01: Say Something Serenity

Episode 02: Serenity Pasteles

Episode 03: TGIF Serenity

Episode 04: Snow Revenge Serenity

Episode 05: Eerie Alley Serenity

Episode 06: Hiking Serenity

Episode 07: Star Trek Serenity


These group of shorts are a bit more creatively thought out. They range from cooking, the love of the morning brew and also that train ride home from a Friday night out. Some go back at least 10 years.

01- AFTER THE PARTY: The Train Ride Home

02- Morning Brew

03- What's on the Menu? Baked Ziti

04- What's on the Menu? Steak & Potatoes

05- Saturday Stroll to The Office

06- Ten Minute Sketch

07- Subway Vibe (My very first short)

I did a series called "Featured Spotlights" where the main idea was to spotlight a beer, wine, mixed drink, shot and a non-alcoholic beverage. There are 3 episode in total.

Along with the "Featured Spotlight" series were videos about Hangover Help and a humorous guide to taking a shot.


More episodes and videos might be coming soon.  One never knows.

Thanks to so many humorous friends on Facebook it became apparent that I needed to share this funniness of the things they posted with the world.  First Episode went up on January 21, 2011 and the series went to about 20 episodes and had about 4 special occasion ones as well. Production continued to evolve and get better towards the end.  I ended up also making a Facebook page out of it as well where I started to share things daily.